Celebrity Chef: Sean’s Kitchen Promo Spot

Sean’s Kitchen Promo | Produced, Written, Directed and Edited by Tim Pine D.O.P  Colin Pine Clients:  Rip It Up Publishing, SKYCITY Adelaide Casino and Sean’s Kitchen

Tim Pine Launches Experimental Tumblr Account ‘The Tim Pine Express’

All photos are taken by Tim Pine http://thetimpineexpress.tumblr.com/



‘Stalker Man’ Directed By Tim Pine

Raw Talent: Jorja Gibson – Directed by Tim Pine

When I first caught a glimpse of Jorja Gibson in my frame on the set of Bill Parton Trio ‘Closer Now, I was some what intrigued. Jorja has a certain presence that is so organic… Continue reading

New Release: Bill Parton Trio Closer Now (feat. K21 & Cam Blokland) Directed by Tim Pine

ON LOCATION: ‘Hacer Frente a’ (Tranquil Mother F*cking Day) Short Film

‘Hacer Frente a’ (Tranquil Mother F*cking Day) is an explosive action / drama Australian short film currently in pre-production. Directed by Tim Pine Written By Tom Bourne & Tim Pine SYNOPSIS: POSSO, late… Continue reading

NOA’s Second Promo Single Will Be Directed by Tim Pine

  Sydney artist NOA (seen on last years X Factor) will head to Adelaide at the end of this month, to shoot his second single promo, which will be directed by Tim Pine.

First Look: Bill Parton Trio (Feat. K21) ‘Closer Now’ Music Video Directed by Tim Pine

Filming starts on “Hacer Frente a” Film – Directed by Tim Pine

Writer/Director Tim Pine and Writer Tom Bourne have teamed up for an action/drama short film called “Hacer Frente a”. Or full title  “Hacer Frente a” Tranquil Mother F*cking Day.